Kira Wager, medlem i BONO siden 2005. Foto: Ignat Wiig / Oslo Open. Verk i bakgrunnen: © Kira Wager / BONO 

About BONO

BONO (NORWEGIAN VISUAL ARTISTS COPYRIGHT SOCIETY) is an independent Norwegian copyright organisation managing the rights of visual artists. Through BONO users can obtain the necessary permissions and license to use artworks in various contexts, and also get useful information regarding copyright and visual arts.

As a member of BONO you are ensured that your copyrights are taken care of; you get advice and assistance in copyrightmatters and receive remuneration whenever your works have been used or resold.

BONO is a non-profit organisation that licenses/enters into agreements regarding use of Norwegian and foreign works of visual art. We take care of your interests whether you are an artist or someone who want to use artworks.

Who do we represent?

Based on authorisations from each individual artist/rightsholder, we represent approx. 2,700 Norwegian artists and rightsholders who have inherited rights.

Through reciprocal agreements with foreign copyright organizations, we represent an additional 150,000 or so foreign artists insofar as the use of their works in Norway is concerned. 

We represent artists in all categories of the arts that fall within the purview of the visual arts, including painters, graphic artists, arts and craftsmen, sculptors, illustrators, photographers, textile artists and other creators of visual art.

We provide for the following management services:

  • Copyright Licensing
  • Artists Resale Right
  • Copyright Councelling

Contacting us:

BONO (Norwegian Visual Artists Copyright Society)
Øvre Slottsgate 2B,
0157 Oslo, NORWAY
Tel: +47 23 10 03 50
Fax: +47 23 10 03 59